Congratulations you’re engaged!

They asked and you said yes! You’ve told your nearest and dearest of the great news, posted your gorgeous amazing engagement ring pictures on facebook and Instagram but after congratulations then the next question is “So, when are you getting married, when’s the big day?” This is your first big decision you will need to make, and surprisingly it can be a really difficult one.

It might sound daft, I mean how hard can it be to decide on a date we book holidays and days out all the time right…..? Some couples can find it really hard sometimes and can cause quite a lot of stress. Because though the great day is about you, you may have to consider lots of other factors.

So first off you will have to consider how far ahead you may need to set the date. If you have your heart set on a specific venue or supplier you may be looking at a two year wait and you could end up with a two year wait if you are looking at a Saturday wedding around a bank holiday or in July, August or, surprisingly, early September.  

If you want to save on costs weekdays are a great choice for both availability and prices. Venues often give hefty discounts for mid week weddings, though don’t be surprised if some suppliers don’t offer a discount for weekday weddings as these can sometimes be more inconvenient for the supplier than a Saturday. However weekday weddings do carry some risk with guest numbers. If you expect to invite lots of families they may not be able to attend unless the wedding is in school holidays, also you need to ask yourself are your guests going to give up valuable leave to attend your wedding?

While we are thinking about families another thing to consider, if you are expecting to invite lots of families, is notice time. If your wedding is in the school holidays most families plan annual holidays well in advance so may not be able to attend a short notice wedding.

At this stage you don’t want to be specific but do at least have a year and month in mind. This will be so important when you start to meet venues and suppliers. As a caterer I meet lots of lovely couples at wedding fairs but when they don’t have a rough idea of when the want to get married my heart sinks, obviously from a discussion point of view the conversation can be limited but also that the couple are on a endless engagement and not planning anything.  


Lastly, talk to your partner! I know it probably sounds daft but you’ll be amazed how many couples I’ve met and when I ask “when are you thinking of getting married” I get two different answers!!

So there is actually quite a bit to think about !