Welcome to my Blog

Hello there! I’m Kate, owner of Kate and Pepe Vintage, providing afternoon teas, ice cream and vintage hire to beautiful weddings in Herts, Beds, Bucks and parts of Cambs and Northants.

I was a DIY/festival bride myself and now in the wedding industry I see how many DIY brides there are out there. I thought I would pass on my own experiences and hopefully answer some of the multitude of questions you probably have about planning your own wedding.

You don’t have to be doing all your wedding planning by yourself to read this blog, I’m sure even if you have a wedding planner/wedding stylist or not (I will cover what wedding planners vs. stylists will do for you in one of my upcoming blogs) there will be subjects I cover that will be of invaluable help to you.

I will be starting at just after you’ve got engaged going right through to planning your honeymoon!

Kate and Justin on their wedding day ( oh and Joshie)