Money, money, money!

So let’s talk money. Yes, that dirty subject we all hate to discuss especially in public. We need to realistic about what you can afford, last year (2018) the average spend in the UK on a wedding was just over £17, 500 however it doesn’t need to be this much with careful planning. Want a high end wedding on a budget ..? unless you have a friend or relative that owns a stately home you are going to have to do a lot of planning and sorting out of things yourself but it is doable without planning on winning the lottery!  Look out for my top tips in the next blog on how it is possible to save on some of your expenses.  

Hopefully you’ve roughly worked out when you would like to get married, now you need to set your budget and oh my there are a lot of things to take into consideration when setting your budget! Whether the bride’s parents are paying or if you are contributing to most of the wedding costs you will need a idea of how much your wedding is going to cost. I know some brides who have a excel spreadsheet running into 100’s of lines of calculation down to the last penny and others that have no idea how much they are spending putting deposits down all over the place hoping they can make the final payments when they come through. Though I would say neither of these are the right answer or advisable (unless you have a accountant’s degree with lots of time on your hands or have a limitless amount of money) you should have a idea of costs and where your plans sit between what you can afford.  There’s no point in seeing lots of expensive venues to then realise you can’t afford them. The same with choosing your suppliers.  

From experience I would say research your most expensive outlays first – venue/marquee/tipi hire, food and drink (if not included in your venue), wedding dress, photography, venue dressing, music, honeymoon. These will take up most of your budget, with money left for the rest. If your budget is really stretched or its looking like you can’t afford the dream wedding you have always wanted you can save costs but be realistic. Last year it is reported that 40% of couples went over budget so be prepared and have a contingency.