Do you need a wedding photographer?

Hey we’re starting to make headway! Hopefully you have your dream venue booked and a date set in stone, scary and exciting at the same time!

Now you have a date you can start booking suppliers and the first, I guess, is your wedding photographer/videographer. Yes, I know we are in a age where everyone has a mobile phone and instant sharing of photo’s and everything has to be insta worthy, but I hear so many couples asking

  • I really need one in this day and age?

Want to post gorgeous photo’s of your special day on social media? You won’t be able to rely on friends and family taking and then forwarding to you. They will just post pictures straight onto social media and even forget to tag you! You may never see them!!

  • How can a photographer cost so much, they are only there for a few hours? I can’t justify the cost.

A professional photographer, though they only spend a short time with you on your wedding day don’t forget they will spend days sorting and editing through the 1000’s of photographs they have taken to get the best possible. Professional photography equipment is expensive and the volume of photographs wedding photographers take cameras do wear out and need replacing.

  • I’ve seen lots of terrible photo’s in the papers, I’m scared I’ll get ripped off!

Yes we’ve all seen them and to be fair these people are rare cases. However, do your research!! Ask your photographer if you can contact a previous wedding couple for a reference, if they have nothing to hide, they should gladly pass your details on.

  • I won’t look at them after the wedding.

Yes you will!! Your wedding day will go in a blink of a eye and there will be things you didn’t see photographed.

  • I don’t want stuffy posed photo’s that take hours to do and take me away from my guests.

They don’t have to be!! There are so many styles of wedding photography. Research styles you like – Pinterest is invaluable for this – then go to a few wedding fairs and talk to photographers that have similar styles to the ones you like. Express your concerns and discuss what you like with them.

  • My venue has a recommended photographer but I don’t like the style of photographs.

You don’t have to go with their suggestion!

  • I/my partner hates having photo’s taken.

We all do, get over it!! Seriously though once you have chosen your photographer have a engagement shoot to get used to your photographers style of shooting and to be more familiar with them. They need to be used to you too! A good photographer should make you feel at ease.

  • I’m not photogenic.

Don’t worry a good photographer will take beautiful photographs of you and your guests.  

  • My uncle/cousin/friend has a camera I can ask them to take photos.

Never go down this line! Why? Because they are not professionals, they are not being paid and won’t necessarily take good photos.  They also may resent being asked to do it but will feel pressurised to say yes. There is a lot of responsibility in taking wedding photographs, they won’t be able to relax and enjoy your wedding.

  • I’m having a photobooth instead of photographs.

This isn’t the same and you will regret it, TBH spend the money on a photographer rather than a photobooth if you can’t do both.

YES, YOU DO NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER! Sorry about the shouting but you will regret not having a professional photographer!!