10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Hopefully you have taken my advice from the last blog and are going to book a wedding photographer. You’ve done your homework and found the style you like, you may even have found a photographer you’d like to book – don’t worry if you haven’t yet.  either in choosing your photographer or at a consultation meeting you need to find out a bit more about the service they provide before signing on the dotted line! Here are 10 questions you should ask before booking

  1. Will our photo’s be the same as the one’s on your photographers website/Facebook/Instagram? Beware that a lot of photo’s may not be from a real wedding but a photo shoot and may have been edited for hours afterwards. This may be more than your wedding photographer is willing to spend on your photographs.
  2. Can we see a real wedding? Ask to view a recent wedding gallery. Your photographer should be happy to give you access to another wedding, if not be a bit wary!
  3. How many weddings have you taken? This is to ascertain how much experience your photographer has. Being a good studio or landscape photographer will not necessarily transfer to wedding photography as people management skills are also needed.
  4. How many weddings do you photograph a year? This may seem a funny request but a photographer that is out every weekend, though popular and in demand, will end up ‘photo weary’ and may not get the best out of you on your day, especially if your wedding is in the autumn.
  5. How soon will we get a preview of our photos? This could be a sneak peak on Facebook or a few shots via email.
  6. How soon will we get our photos? This will take time but you should have a time limit, which should be in your contract.
  7. Can I see your contract? This would be a question to ask at a consultation meeting and not at a wedding show. Any photographer that doesn’t have a contract, please run a mile!
  8. What insurance do you have? Again, a question for your consultation meeting. You should expect your photographer to have public liability insurance.
  9. What refreshments will you need on the day? Yes, your photographer will need feeding! This comes as a bit of a surprise to many couples.
  10. Do you need a list of photographs we want taking? Click here https://katiescountrykitchen.co.uk/contact/to request a free list of photographs you may need!

And 5 questions not to ask!!

  1. How many photo’s will you take on the day? Why do you need to know this? You do need to know how many you will have in the end though.
  2. Have you been to my venue before? Be wary of this question! A good photographer can take pictures at any venue and will do a visit before your wedding to get a idea of the venue.
  3. What photography qualifications do you have? There are loads of diploma’s and certificates that a photographer can have but really does it matter? There are some pretty awful photographers that have qualifications and some brilliant photographers that don’t.
  4. Do you shoot in colour or black and white? This makes no difference these days unless your photographer is using film.
  5. What will you be wearing at my wedding? This worries a lot of couples but don’t forget your photographer is not going to be in your photo’s! They should be smart but comfortable so they and get the best out of you.