The Dress!

Wedding dress shopping!  Wooohooo, is this the day you’ve been waiting for since playing dress up as a little girl? I’m sure this is something you’ve been thinking about since the day he popped the question.

But what do you need to do to find that perfect dress? Do you know what styles of dress you like? Don’t be too rigid when looking for dresses and styles, have a few in mind.

Be flexible and open to suggestions. When you trial some dresses, you may find your stylist offers some dresses that you would never even consider. Your stylist will ask about your dress style, but they know what style matches your figure to bring the best out of it.

First of all you need to book some appointments. You can’t just turn up at a wedding shop and asked to try some dresses on! It’s not like going to your local shopping centre on a Saturday. Once you’ve made a few bookings don’t go mad. Don’t book more than several shops in one day. You’ll get confused and tired, what should be fun will end up disappointing. You should really be able to find your perfect wedding dress in a few shops. Also if you’ve booked lots and lots of appointments and you find your perfect dress in the first shop, you’re going to have to spend some time cancelling appointments which the shops may not be able to fill.

The big question? Who do you take with you! It may be tempting to take your whole posse of girlfriends with you. But don’t, one or two close friends that you trust give you an honest opinion of how you look, should be all you need. Too many friends, and you’ll just end up confused. Most wedding dress shops won’t take more than a couple of people, so you’ll just end up leaving people outside or waiting in a coffee shop to see you.

Also make sure the friends you take are going to be as interested as you are. Don’t forget for you it’s an exciting event but for somebody else it might be the most boring thing they’ve ever done.

What do you need to take with you? Think about taking a pair of shoes that are about the same height that you would be wearing at your wedding. If you can, take a neutral colour as well, rather than black or dark navy. Tie your hair up before going or take something to tie your hair up with, especially if you’re going to have your hair up at your wedding.

Also, you’re going to be in a small changing room with a stylist putting large wedding dresses on you, think about your underwear too! No grey pants please! Some nice underwear, something that looks good, that fits well, and definitely a strapless bra. You might not need a strapless bra under your wedding dress, but it will make you feel more comfortable while the stylist is popping in and out.

Also expect to spend some time, at least an hour in each shop. Trying on dresses isn’t quick! It won’t be a case of popping in and try a couple of dresses on and go out again. Your stylist will want to ask you some questions about your wedding and styles you like before you even try a dress on.

How early, should you start looking for your dress? Ideally, between nine to six months before your wedding. Any earlier and fashions, styles might have changed. Any later, and you might be looking at struggling to get a dress ready for your wedding.

What not to do?

Look at Chinese imports on line and expect your wedding shop to be able to match the prices!

Forget to set your budget before you go, and let your stylist know what it is, there is no point in trying on dresses way out of your budget.

Please don’t wear fake tan, or too much makeup. Your wedding stylist may ask you to remove any makeup or come back another date. Don’t forget you are trying on dresses made of silk and quality fabric that other brides have to try on as well. They really don’t want brown marks around neck lines and under arms.

Don’t be late!

And lastly have a good time but don’t get drunk and don’t expect champagne! have a break between each shop, back to back shops is exhausting.