Wedding Car booking

If you’re not getting married at the venue where you’re having your reception, or you’re travelling from your home to your wedding venue, then you might want to think about or you’re if you are planning on a wedding car this is a short blog on how to what to look for when booking your wedding vehicle.

Wedding cars come in all styles and budgets from modern cars like Bentley’s and Ferrari’s through to vintage classics like VW campers a d Rolls Royce. Whether it be an old car or a new car. There are a few key things you need to think about when booking your wedding vehicle.

Booking usually includes a chauffeur. But be sure to check that your car does include a chauffeur and for the duration that you need the cars. Don’t forget you will have to pay for waiting time. Your chauffeur will not go into another wedding or collect another bride while you’re getting married.

Be sure to find out what contingency your company has should there be an issue with the vehicle coming to collect you. There should always be a backup car of similar standard to the one you have booked. Especially with vintage cars, there’s always the risk that then there may be a problem that day however a reputable company will keep their vehicles in top condition.

When booking, make sure that you specify you want to the car you have booked. If not, you may find you get a similar but car but not the actual car you wanted – you want a Rolls Royce, you should get a Rolls Royce, unless there is a problem with the vehicle.

Ask what extras are also included some companies will give you a glass of champagne once you’ve got married and on your way to your venue. Some prefer no food or drink in the vehicle. Others will provide free ribbon on the front of your car and flowers in your car, but always make sure that these are included or if they are included and if you don’t want them be clear that you don’t want them.

If your husband is hiring a special car to take you both to your venue and intends on driving you there do remind him not to drink before the wedding ceremony, or you could end up with an embarrassing breath test on the side of the road!

Lastly make sure you have a contract from the supplier.

P.S. this was my wedding car, our own mini!