about us

Hello I’m Kate and I live in a small village in Bedfordshire with my husband Justin. I take pride in making and delivering tasty food using local produce as much as possible in my cooking. I’ve been cooking and baking most of my life, even as a child I enjoyed baking, and I decided to turn a passion into a business in 2016 selling my food at local farmers markets.


They say we spend 70% of our lives at work and I intend to spend that remaining time doing something I enjoy and am very passionate about, meeting lots of lovely new people and making their special day or celebration go well.  

I am always researching and cooking new food so I haven’t listed my menu’s as they are ever evolving, keeping up with new styles and trends. Please contact me with any requests or idea’s you have for party food and I will do my best to supply you with a buffet or afternoon tea to your requirements.   

Pepe is my 1978 vintage Peugeot J7 catering van. In November 2015 Pepe was brought, complete with grape hopper, from working in the sunny French vineyards of Carcassonne to chilly Bedfordshire to be renovated. Why is he called Pepe? Well he had a distinct petrol smell when he arrived, thankfully we got that fixed and he doesn’t smell anymore!!, so I named him Pepe from the cartoon about a French skunk called Pepe le Pew. 

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