Ice Cream Tricycle Hire

Penny is a vintage style ‘stop me and by one’ ice cream tricycle but has a powered freezer to keep your ice cream nice and cold all through service (no slushy ice cream!). She’s called Penny because Pepe’s girlfriend in the cartoon Pepe Le Pew was Penelope the cat!  

I stock Penny with high quality ice creams and sorbets by New Forest Ice cream, all served in waffle cones or tubs. You can choose flavours from a list of more than 20 flavours including traditional and some adventurous flavours.

Myself and Justin will serve your guests their ice cream and there will be a sauce and sprinkles table for your guests to adorn their ice creams. 

Penny also comes with a umbrella decorated with bunting and a personalised blackboard with your names, wedding date and your chosen ice cream flavours.

Please contact me on our contact page and let me know your guest numbers and venue and I will get back to you with a quote and our full list of yummy ice cream flavours.

Images provided by Beckie Kerr Photography –